Welch Fluorocarbon Celebrates 25 Years

A formal celebration was held at Welch Fluorocarbon’s manufacturing facility to celebrate 25 years of business, and the spotlight was on the founder, owner and current CEO Evan Welch.

Incorporated 25 years ago (1985) in response to industry demand for special, high-performance plastic products in challenging applications where conventional plastics were found to be unsuitable. Evan Welch started a company with the simplest of ideas, “there’s got to be a better way,” and there was.

Today, in 2010, Welch Fluorocarbon has grown to be one of the oldest and largest high-performance film converters in the world using the techniques of thermoforming and heat sealing. The main focus for the past 25 years has been Quality and therefore Customer Satisfaction. Looking ahead Welch Fluorocarbon will continue to push the envelope with high-performance films and continue to view Quality and Customer Satisfaction as our number one priority for the next 25 years and beyond.