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About Welch Fluorocarbon

Welch Fluorocarbon was founded to answer the industry demand for high-performance plastic products.

Since 1985, Welch Fluorocarbon has specialized in providing thermoformed or heat-sealed products to a variety of industries by utilizing thin high-performance films.


Founded by Evan Welch on May 23, 1985 Welch Fluorocarbon’s company’s talents were directed toward adding value to extruded Fluoropolymer film, often times know as Teflon®, by thermoforming it into three-dimensional shapes and by heat sealing it into lay-flat bags.


We are organized under the umbrella of a team environment that requires the recognition of all Company employees as one Company Team.


Welch Fluorocarbon is associated with a variety of online portals to help us reach our target audiences, and to connect to people across an assortment of industries.

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Contact & Directions

Located just minutes from the New England Seacoast and one hour North of Boston, Welch Fluorocarbon’s manufacturing facility and administration offices have been located at 113 Crosby Road since October 1, 1990.