Custom Teflon™ Simulation Chambers

Teflon™ Simulation Chambers (smog chambers) are designed to create a chemically inert controlled environment that allows users to conduct a wide variety of scientific tests and accurately monitor their results. We are able to manufacture Teflon™ (Fluoropolymer) Simulation Chambers large or small and customize them with a wide array of convenient features such as: hanging options, ports, access sleeves, fittings, reinforced slits and more.

At Welch Fluorocarbon we have over 15 years experience manufacturing custom heat sealed Teflon™ film (FEP, PFA) simulation chambers for customers worldwide. Our very first Teflon™ Simulation Chamber customer was Carnegie Mellon University who continues to purchase Teflon™ simulation chambers from us to this day. Click here to view a published Carnegie Mellon research paper that references a Teflon™  Simulation Chamber manufactured by Welch Fluorocarbon.

If you’re interested in purchasing a custom Teflon™ simulation chamber or have any questions please contact us to discuss your application.

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