Thermoforming (vacuum forming) FEP Film

Thermoforming / vacuum forming FEP film, sometimes called Teflon® FEP and Norton® FEP, is possible due to its thermoplastic nature. Here at Welch Fluorocarbon, Inc. we have over 27 years experience thermoforming FEP film gauges from .002” up to .090”. Thermoforming FEP film can yield parts with wall thicknesses as thin as .001”.

Parts thermoformed from FEP film make possible long, thin wall thickness that are not possible in injection molding. These parts have excellent chemically resistance and provide high dielectric properties. Components thermoformed from low molecular weight FEP film do not have high flex properties. FEP is a chemical acronym for FluorinatedEthylenePropylene.

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One response to “Thermoforming (vacuum forming) FEP Film”

  1. Does Welch have the capabilites to thermoform a 1-mil or thinner Teflon sheath to slide over our standard eTape liquid level sensor to be used for chemical applications?