Thermoforming Can Produce Ultra-Thin Walls

Our melt-phase thermoforming process using high-performance films is capable of producing extremely thin part walls. Back at the start of 2010 Doug Smock of Design News and our very own Scott Behner teamed up to highlight our Thermoforming expertise. All of the information is still very much relevant today!

Here is an excerpt from the article:

“Thin-wall thermoformed parts are taking aim at injection molded parts for critical electronic and medical applications.

A New Hampshire company is using old-fashioned Yankee ingenuity to form materials at or above their crystalline melt temperatures to manufacturethree-dimensional parts with stress- and pinhole-free thermoplastic walls. Parts with super thin walls are in demand for applications where real estate is at a premium, such as implantable medical devices and miniature electronics. Typically, the parts protect components against chemicals or act as electrical insulators.

“Sometimes companies can’t injection mold parts with some high-performance thermoplastics because they can’t get the materials as consistently thin as required,” says Scott Behner, sales team leader at Welch Fluorocarbons in Dover, NH. “They don’t have the ability of making a wall that is 1.0 mil (one thousandth of an inch) thick.” Another issue is that very thin injection molded walls may have weak spots caused by weld lines, resin impurities, or stresses created by high pressures. Limitations on wall thickness for injection molding vary widely, and are dependent on part design, melt flow characteristics of the resin, and robustness of the molding machine.”

To read the entire article please visit Design News, and please contact our Sales Team for further information regrading our Thermoforming of high-performance thin films.

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