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  • Welch Fluorocarbon Receives  Boston Scientific's 2012
    Rhythm Award

    This distinguished award recognizes the performance of top suppliers who demonstrate excellence relative to the exacting quality and continuous improvement expectations of Boston Scientific CRM.

  • Every Thermoformed Component Is a Critical Piece of Your Solution.

    From prototype to production, attention to detail is our competitive advantage.

  • We Convert High-Performance Films into High-Performance Custom Products.

    Welch Fluorocarbon specializes in producing custom solutions using thin Fluoropolymer films like Teflon©.

  • Provide Us With Dimensions.
    We’ll Do the Rest.

    Our expert team builds efficiency, precision, and
    quality into every Thermoforming or Heat Sealing tool we design.

About Welch Fluorocarbon

We are experts in converting high-performance fluoropolymer films into intricate three dimensional shapes using thermoforming and precision heat sealing. Welch Fluorocarbon, Inc. is an
ISO 9001:2008 certified company.


Which high performance material is best for my application?

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